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Story of Vahram Tatikyan (1909-1965)

Passionate Evangelist      

Vahram's single-minded service to God and man, first in Istanbul, then in Anatolia and finally in different countries around the world reads like a spiritual epic...  What is so distinctive and striking about this godly man and yet whose name is virtually unknown in our times?  How was it that he, who knew neither school nor university, was able to speak to hundreds of thousands of people...  more


Anatolia, Anatolia!

Story of Haralambos Bostanjoglou

A Hero of the Faith

Approximately five million Christians lost their homeland and many their lives during World War I and afterwards... Some of them are bathed in sublime joy and others drenched in human blood. This remarkable account of Haralambos Bostanjoglou is only one in the series of brilliant achievements in Asia Minor prior to the blotting out of the Christian faith. The reader will observe unswerving gallantry against an unrelenting adversary, fascinating reception and appalling rejection, a desperate community and a despondent outcome... more


Apraham Hoja of Aintab

While I was living in Marash word reached us that there was a distinguished soldier of the Cross in Aintab who was God’s instrument in the revival there...… But we were astonished to see an ordinary-looking man, clothed as if he were from the poorest peasant class. It was he, along with twenty-seven other Christian believers, who were burned to death in Osmaniye on April 14, 1909, on their way to the Cilician Convention in Adana.  … more


Stephan Efendi of Zinjidere     

During the past few decades, Turkey (Anatolia) has been in the limelight of activity for the Savior of all people.  Hundreds of proclaimers of Good Tidings from many countries have been motivated to spread Christ’s message all the way from the main metropolises to the remotest hamlets in this historic land. The brief life story of Stephanos Sirinides (1846-1916) will elucidate contemporary laborers in this same land…  more


The Human Body

This study will approach the physical part of us humans since there have been erroneous teachings and heresies regarding our physical and spiritual existence.  Many views have strayed from the rationale of the overall makeup of man.

Right at the outset of the Christian faith we encounter Gnosticism, which actually has its roots in ancient Hellenistic religions.  With the appearance of Christianity Gnosticism found a fresh challenge to its mode of interpreting the secrets of the human body.  In a broader perception Gnosticism regards matter as being contaminated and evil.  more


The Son Become Servant.  Isaiah 52:13, 53:12

This person who calls himself ‘stupid’ is one of the wise writers in the Old Testament who knew God and His Son.  The prophet Isaiah who probably lived a few hundred years after Agur and a few hundred years prior to the advent of the Son joyfully celebrated the unique verity (9:6).  Antecedent to both writers, the Psalmist conveyed another inspired truth regarding the Son who was ordained to redeem men and ultimately reign over the whole human race.  more


Approaching the Mystery of Fallen Man

Most people are familiar with the word “anthropos” and its numerous appellations in the western languages.  As for its etymological meaning in Greek there are several intriguing interpretations.  One of its derivations is from the verb ‘throsko’, directed to above, i.e., to God.  Christians traditionally have been inclined to find the proper description of man in the Scriptures.  Man is God’s only creature looking upward and not down, as other creatures do.  According to the Scriptures, man is created in God’s own image and was destined by the Creator to be an upright-walking, upright-thinking, upright-behaving creature.  At the intrusion of sin, this sublime creature was pulled down, becoming an earthbound person, dominated by earthly thoughts and notions.  This is a clear indication of what man’s fall brought upon our whole race.  The basic lack in understanding man’s person in creation and then in his fall and alienation from his Creator is expressed in David’s psalm, “What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?  You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor” (8:4, 5).  more


HAIRS OF THE PROPHET. Samual M. Zwemer (1867-1952)

He animatedly told me how in the vast courtyard of this famous church he had addressed a large crowd in Arabic, with a Turk who knew the language translating his talk into Turkish.  His message was on the Sophia of God.  He proceeded to present Christ to his audience who were intently listening to this western scholar speaking about the Sophia of God in fluent Arabic.  Then he related various other similar stories of his witnessing in Islamic lands.  He offered me several of his books, which he autographed.  Among them was a book, Heirs of the Prophet and a booklet, Hairs of the Prophet. One could detect immediately his keen sense of humor, and appreciate it.  I cherish these autographed books.  Seeing that I was a young fellow who had come from an Islamic land intending to study theology and to preach the Gospel to the Turkish people, he reached into his wallet and offered me five dollars, a generous gift in those days. Then he put his hand on my head, offering a moving blessing which I can never forget: “You will be my Elisha.”    more


The Triumph of the Evangelium in Life and Death 

As he is facing death, the aged apostle of Jesus Christ is addressing his young fellow-worker Timothy with entire confidence. Awaiting the stroke of Nero's cruel sword, he talks about the abolishment of death on one hand and the certainty of life and immortality on the other. Can you stretch your imagination to a person at death's door assuming such a mien? There are various kinds of death: inexplicable, violent, heroic, fatalistic, suicidal, accidental, journey's end, etc. In this scriptural passage we come to a kind of death entirely different than the rest: the invalidation of death through death and the manifestation of immortality through life... more


A martyr of the Greek Asia Minor tragedy

In the countless line of victims of the Asia Minor tragedy there is a special place and meaning for the sacrifice of those who conscientiously toiled to retain the moral upper ground of the Hellenic element.  And Pavlos Pavlides is one of those who without question deserve to be characterized martyrs of a new epoch. He did not only work as a ‘tireless’ worker of God in the Asia Minor pasture sacrificing his life, but he also left heirs to continue the work of the spiritual worker, the infants, then his children, who after coming to Greece lived up to the sacrifice of their father... more


The Indescribable Tragedy of Losing Jesus

Many of us have endured the loss of a cherished loved one, a highly valued piece of property or a hefty sum of money.  Some lose opportunities which can never be brought back.  Jesus Christ who came precisely to seek and find the lost is the only one who presents every calamity in its proper perspective. He warns us of the loss which surpasses all others:  “For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself?” (Luke 9:25).   Three of his renowned parables are about the lost and found (cf. Luke 15)... more


Maria, God’s Angel to Widows and Orphans in Anatolia

One of the most horrific legacies of war are the helpless orphans.  Children left to fend for themselves on the streets are a heart-rending consequence of these conflicts.  In every age the need to establish homes for orphans has been paramount and universal.  Securing shelter, along with clothing, feeding and educating orphans has always been a colossal undertaking...Disturbing news was coming from the Ottoman Empire which was in the midst of turbulence.  Particularly what was being reported from the eastern part of Anatolia was frightening.  At the time, the sultan was Abdul Hamid II (1841-1915).  His aim was to eradicate the Armenian population during his reign.  The suitable area to start the killings was the eastern provinces, native region of large pockets of Armenians.  He set in motion the first massacre in 1895.  The news of this perturbing operation reached Maria while she was in Chicago... more


The Mighty Judge, the Lawgiver, the King, Our Savior (Isaiah 33:13-22; Revelation 11:15; 19:11-16; 20:4)

In countries where these three agencies function, dissatisfaction from many quarters is common.  The cry of reflective people is worldwide: Where is the ideal government with all three components operating justly?  Everyone will agree that there is no such government in our tarnished world.  There has never been any; neither shall there be one, except… when the wise men from the East came to Jerusalem seeking the baby Jesus they asked the well-known question: “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews?”  (Matthew 2:2)... more 


Pantocrator ─ Cosmocrators

(Daniel 7:27; Ephesians 6:12; II Thessalonians 2:7)

The ferocious foe encountered by the Church across the span of the universe is not mere Islamic terrorism, Hindu extremism, secular retuperation, or whatever.  It is the mobilized forces controlling the current campaign of hatred against the Lord Jesus Christ and his church on earth.  It is the ongoing offensive of the cosmocrators who steer their predatory aggression... more






Corruption has taken on a universal dimension that has become one of the main morasses in governmental and NGOs, as well as business circles everywhere. An African leader said recently, “Corruption in our continent is as virulent as HIV.” The thrust to fight corruption is supposedly on the agenda of many governments.  Well said, well intended!  But the practice is evident among high- and low-level officials and free-wheeling individuals all over... more



Dr. Samuel M.Zwemer (1867-1952)


He animatedly told me how in the vast courtyard of this famous church he had addressed a large crowd in Arabic, with a Turk who knew the language translating his talk into Turkish.  His message was on the Sophia of God.  He proceeded to present Christ to his audience who were intently listening to this western scholar speaking about the Sophia of God in fluent Arabic.  



The church, Christ's body on earth, has undergone – and is undergoing – a number of variations and transformations since its inception. Alas! Many for the worse... more


Tathlis - Tawhid, Principle Difference Between The Two

Basic differences, even contradictions among religions, are an actuality.  An expression which we may call conciliatory is often voiced:  three monotheistic religions of the world – Judaism, Christianity and Islam are described in this way. Dialogs and exchange of views on the subject have become the burning passion of some. The three religions to which ordinary folks refer as monotheistic are basically discordant and in many cases antithetical.  Monotheism, as is being used today, starts with Abraham.  ... more

Map of Bible Sites in Asia Minor

Albert Owens was a U. S. military chaplain (Lutheran) in Ankara, Turkey in the 1960’s.  He was a student of the Bible and especially of the New Testament.  He traveled to all the Biblical sites and before he departed from Turkey he left us this valuable legacy by drawing this informative Bible map in black and white.  His signature appears on the side.  Years went by and I made little use of it.  However, when electronic proficiency came into being my skillful colleague put it into color and after much effort we produced this map in English, German and French. (If anyone can produce it with Spanish names, his/her cooperation will be appreciated.   As you will notice, along with the ancient names of the sites all modern names are also given.  You are free to produce it and circulate it, but without making any changes on it.  We will appreciate your feedback. 



The Malatya Massacre

Five young plotters were at work, preparing a monstrous crime.  In their thinking a serious problem had developed in the place they lived.  Malatya ― ancient Melitene ― is a bustling city in central Anatolia . Right in the center of the town Christian missionaries were operating an office and bookstore called ‘Zirve’ (summit).  They had their office on the third floor of the six-storey Agbaba office building.  Here three evangelists were serving Christ, obeying his command, “Go into the whole world.”  ... more 



From Sailing the Seas to Seeking the Strays

A brief sketch of the Life of Hasan Unutmuş   Beloved servant of Christ

Hasan’s remains were buried in a large Muslim cemetary in Istanbul with about one hundred fifty relatives and friends attending the graveside service. Several Christians gave testimony to Hasan’s life and faithfulness...more



Who knows how many of these young Anzac lads and other soldiers met their resurrected Savior as they were cut down by the bullets in the trenches.. more


Pontius Pilate's Own Story

My residence was at the palace of Herod in Caesarea.  During the Jewish feasts I moved to Jerusalem to prevent any possible turmoil caused by Jewish extremists ... more


The story of Dr. Daniel Morrison Benonia Thom written by Nellie Elona Thom Freyer

Father came to the United States when a minor with his father and mother, brothers and sisters. They settled in Wisconsin and then moved to Minnesota near Owatonna, Steele County, Minnesota. He studied at Rush Medical College, Chicago and went to Mardin, Turkey as a medical missionary (for forty years) with his wife in 1874, where he remained until he was deported by the Turks during the first World War at the in­stigation of the Germans, to Sivas, Turkey, where he died of typhus on 8 December 1915 and was buried there.  His wife passed away in childbirth re­sulting from uremia poisoning on 16 January 1888... more



      Success catapults one into the limelight.  The world sings the praises of those who succeed, acclaims those who achieve.  Undeserving persons are placed on a pedestal, while unsung heroes are buried in the archives of negligence.

      There is a vast army of heroes of faith encountered in the Old Testament and the New, along with those mentioned in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, whose commitment to the Triune God draws due admiration.  There are also a large number of puissant champions, who are either mentioned in a cursory manner in the Scriptures or not at all.  The Holy Spirit apportions another manner of divine recognition for them... more



There are many proverbs in the Bible, with a whole book carrying this title.  Of these, the earliest, if not the first, is "Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before YAHWEH" (Genesis 10:9).  Immediately following is a statement about this mighty man, who became the founder of Babel, Erech, Accad and Calneh, all in Shinar. From that land he went to Assyria where he built Nineveh, Rehoboth-ir, Calah and Resen – eight famous city kingdoms.  The first four were in Shinar – Hebraicised form of Sumer (Babylonia); the latter four in Asshur (Assyria) (cf. 11:2)... more


An Analysis of the Paraphrased New Testament by FRONTIERS

  A group in Turkey associated with a society called ‘Frontiers’ have been enthusiastically involved in paraphrasing a Turkish New Testament with Islamic intonation. This attempt is already stirring wide controversy and audible alarm among young Turkish pastors, ordinary believers and most of the missionaries...  more 


Christ Calls to Act

In a compendium article, we took the subject of The Churches in Christ’s Eyes. In sequence to this, a striking observation comes to light: The letters to the Seven Churches are loaded with serious imperatives from him, related to his solemn pronouncements.  These are dispersed between the lines of the epistles, constantly reminding the reader about the urgency of decision and action. 

 There are ten imperatives addressing the churches, each one a direct command to every individual within each fellowship ... more


The Triumphant Ascension

(Luke 24:50-52; Acts 1:1-11; Hebrews 9:1-14; 24-28)

The glory of the Incarnation and Redemption fixes our eyes on the Savior’s Ascension.  Today he is in a different involvement than in his pre-incarnate state.  In Revelation, the gleaming ascension of Christ is treated as the climax of the ultimate fulfillment of his ministry.  It is to be lamented that the remembrance of this crowning chapter goes unnoticed in most of the evangelical churches or in individual remembrances.   more


The Dreadful  Warfare Symbolized By The Cup

The chief question is related to our Lord’s supplication, “Father, if thou art willing, remove this cup from me.”   What is this cup?  This age-long question has drawn many answers throughout the centuries.  Here are a few of the attempted explanations that will be dismissed by anyone acquainted with Christ’s commission and its impeccable fulfillment ... more


Pentecost (Ephesians 5:6-20)


On May 11th we celebrate the day of Pentecost.  I have written this message for the occasion, with prayer that it will refresh your heart in this dry world. 

Thomas Cosmades

The Incarnation is the most distinctive event in history.  “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father” (John 1:14).  In this momentous occurrence divine and human natures appeared in oneness in the person of Jesus Christ, God’s eternal Son... more



 Every statement from the Incarnate Word bears timeless significance.  However, in the last seven words which Christ pronounced from the cross there is historic, theological and existential relevance.  From the hour they were first heard during the Savior’s tormenting agony, much has been communicated on the subject.  Always some new light or insight emanates from these unfading pronouncements... more


Christ Calls to Act

In a compendium article, we took the subject of The Churches in Christ’s Eyes. In sequence to this, a striking observation comes to light: The letters to the Seven Churches are loaded with serious imperatives from him, related to his solemn pronouncements.  These are dispersed between the lines of the epistles, constantly reminding the reader about the urgency of decision and action ... more 



 St. Thomas was a disciple of Jesus Christ whose life and ministry carry great weight to the Christians in India, some of whom belong to the Martoma Church.  In the Church calendar, the Sunday following Easter is celebrated as St. Thomas' Day.  The emotional turmoil observed in the conduct of this renowned apostle exposes the span of conflicts surfacing within my soul and yours. Incidents affecting our overall behavior can be readily traced to battles that troubled this reputable disciple's life.  It is of benefit for every believer to examine the pros and cons in Thomas' stormy behavior, which mirror our own ups and downs... more



The Quranic claim to the quality, capacity and finality of Islam is nothing less than direct defiance of YAHWEH’s covenant pronouncement once made to Abraham.  The intrusion and usurpation of the defiant religion launched by Ishmael's most prominent son testifies to his deep-seated grudge.  It cries out that his people were cheated and short-changed by Isaac's progeny.  In the very beginning of the new religion the grievance of the founder comes to light ...  more





Thomas -Cosmades - Foundation

The Thomas-Cosmades-Foundation was established in 2010, a few months before Thomas’ home-going to the Lord of Creation and Redemption. He died on September 20, 2010. For over fifty years his life as missionary and evangelist took him to many lands and continents. His goal was to reach people everywhere with the Gospel. Hunger, poverty, oppression; social, political and personal need confronted him in many countries. Seeing these needs led him to assist vastly different projects and missions. Through the establishment of this foundation, support to these needs can continue. ... more



The Story of the Life and Times of Thomas Cosmades

History is a storehouse of events involving humans. Many of these happenings are suppressed. Or they are twisted in keeping with certain accepted positions... In front of the Archives Department in Washington, D. C., the passer-by can notice this impressive motto: “Study the past; it is the prologue.” Can anyone take issue with this? I have decided to abandon the dead-end road of reticence and to use my moral courage by putting in writing events and episodes which affected my life... more


Thomas Cosmades     4/29/1924 -- 9/20/2010 By Lila Cosmades

He lived his life for Jesus

He had come to the end of his journey.  He was now in the presence of Jesus Christ, waiting for the ultimate resurrection of all the saints ...  more



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The Human Body

The Son Become Servant.

Approaching the Mystery of Fallen Man

Hairs of Prophet. Samual M. Zwemer (1867-1952)

The Triumph of the Evangelium in Life and Death

A martyr of the Greek Asia Minor tragedy

The Indescribable Tragedy of Losing Jesus

The Indescribable Tragedy of Losing Jesus

Maria, God’s Angel to Widows and Orphans in Anatolia

The Mighty Judge, the Lawgiver, the King, Our Savior

Pantocrator ─ Cosmocrators


Apraham Hoja of Aintab

Dr. Samuel M.Zwemer (1867-1952)



Map of Bible Sites in Asia Minor