Thomas Cosmades


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Story of Vahram Tatikian – Passionate Evangelist


Thomas Cosmades



 1   War Ends School Life                                                                                        

 2   The War Years and After                                                                                 

 3   Life in the Fast Lane in Istanbul                                                                                 

 4   Intensive Search, Brilliant Discovery                     

 5   Oases in the Desert                                                                                       

 6   From Architect to Book Seller                                                                      

 7   New Horizons in the Young Believer’s Life                                                   

 8   House Meetings                                                                                             

 9   Military Service and Healing                                                                          

10   Revival Time — Harvest Time                                                                         

11   Opposition and Exhilaration                                                                          

12   Witnessing in Camp and to Professors                                                        

13   On Roads and Trams                                                                                     

14   Healing Miracles                                                                                              

15   Vahram Resigns from Bible Society                                                            

16   The Priest’s in Trouble Again!                                                                        

17   Renewed Evangelistic Ventures                                                                   

18   The Chair, the Chase, the Constitution                                                        

19   Both Salvation and Restoration                                                                    

20   Not by Might nor by Power                                                                            

21   You Must be Born Again                                                                                


22   Vahram’s Preaching Style                                                                             

23   The Blessedness of a Life Dedicated to God                                                         

24   Anatolian Venture                                                                                           

25   From the Pen of Lyman MacCallum                                                            

26   Strengthening Ties and Striking New Tracts                                                

27   Mediterranean Voyage and Middle Eastern Visits                                               

28   Beirut, a Cosmopolitan City                                                                           

29   Damascus in Crisis                                                                                           

30   Packed Meetings in Aleppo                                                                        

31   Revival in Amman                                                                                           

32   “The Year of Jubilee”                                                                                      

33   The Extent of the Revival                                                                                

34   Harden Not Your Hearts                                                                                

35   Living Memories of the Jordan Revival                                                       

36   Jerusalem at Last                                                                                             

37   Return to Istanbul                                                                                             

38   Last Visit to Jordan                                                                                           

39   To a New Continent                                                                                        

40   Crossing the Atlantic                                                                                       

41   Plowed Ground, Watered Fields                                                                   

42   Evangelizing on Board ~~ Back in Buenos Aires                                        

43   Passing the Torch                                                                                            

44   A Church Revived in Cordoba                                                                     

45   From Town to Town, From Country to Country                                           

46   Ministry in Chile and Return to the East                                                       

47   Ready to Receive the Crown of Life                                                                       


48  One of Vahram’s Messages:  “A Leaking Cup at a Fountain in Damascus”           

49  “My Encounter with God” — a testimony                                                                      

 50  Epilogue                                                                                                                   







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