Thomas Cosmades




Apraham Hoja of Aintab

 By the Rev. Vartan S. Bilezikian

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 Updated by Thomas & Lila Cosmades (2008)


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  Dedication & Forward

Chapter 1      The Years and Cities of Revival   1901-1904

Chapter 2      The Appearance of Fredrik Franson on the Scene   1905

Chapter 3      Second Revival in Marash   1907

Chapter 4      Our Three Imprisonments

Chapter 5      From Nezaret to Kanli Mahpushane (From Custody Detention to Bloody Dungeon)

Chapter 6     Bible Restored - Prison Atmosphere Enlivened

Chapter 7     Apraham Hoja of Aintab joins the Prisoners

Chapter 8     Out of Prison, into Freedom

Chapter 9     On to America

Chapter 10   Rostrum of those who witnessed the Revival

Chapter 11   Apraham Hoja Levonian

Chapter 12   Hoja’s Visions and Revelations

Chapter 13   Apraham Hoja’s Personal Testimony

Chapter 14   Apraham Hoja’s Letters and his Latter Days

Chapter 15   Two Further Letters sent by Apraham Hoja while still in Aintab

Biographer’s Note, Last Will and Testament of Apraham Hoja, Biographer’s Final Remarks and Apraham Hoja’s Funeral