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A house meeting was in progress.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was sensed by all.  A believer came in, bringing a hoja with him.  The recent converts were sharing their testimonies with joy and delight.  The hoja was deeply affected.  After the meeting he said to Vahram, "I have no doubt that there is a special power here.  I have a sick daughter at home.  Could you please come and lay your hand on her and pray?  I have faith that she will be healed."  The hoja gave his address to him.  The house was right beside a mosque.  Let's hear the story in Vahram's own words:

"Entering the house at the given address, I prayed aloud with deep earnestness, after which I gave my testimony explaining how Jesus had saved me.  Then I left.  The girl was healed.  Her father spread the news all over, also relating it to other hojas.  He explained how his daughter was healed after prayer in the name of Jesus.  Shortly thereafter the hoja attended the meeting again and related how his daughter had been healed through prayer.  Later on this girl put her trust in Christ the Savior."

Another time a brother was ill.  He sent for Vahram to come and pray for him.  The Holy Spirit did not permit Vahram to go immediately, but after praying for a while he went.  The man said to his wife, "Get a bit of oil in a saucer and let Brother Vahram anoint me and pray."  Vahram read James 5:15: "And the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven."  As commanded, the man openly confessed his sins and then prayed with special thanksgiving.  At that moment he was healed.

A young believing sister had contracted tuberculosis and was at the point of death.  She was shivering and delirious with a high fever.  When Vahram arrived, a circle of relatives were at her bedside praying.  When the prayers were concluded, an inner impulse drew Vahram to the head of the girl's bed.  He laid his hand on her head and prayed to the Great Physician.  During the night the Lord Jesus spoke to the girl in a vision, "Araksi, I have healed you."  Araksi was totally delivered from TB.  She was healed.  The next day the doctor came again to the house.  Not recognising her, he said, "Where is the girl who is wrestling with TB?"  Araksi said, "That's me!" and joyfully testified to her miraculous healing. The doctor, unable to constrain himself, burst out: "The power of Christ is truly sublime!"  Araksi later married and became the mother of three sons.

A young Christian woman just home from the hospital after childbirth suddenly lost her voice.  She could not speak at all; nor could she eat or drink.  And, naturally, she could not breast-feed her baby. Her mother-in-law sent word to Vahram.  When he arrived he read several miracles of Jesus from Matthew, chapter 8.  First he prayed, then he asked her to pray.  She knelt down and repeated the prayer taught by Jesus to His disciples (Matthew 6:9-15), after which she called out, "My beloved Savior" three times.  Afterwards there was an interesting development.  The young woman related how she had seen the risen Lord Jesus and how he had delivered her from the control of a dark power.  This power had prevented her from eating and drinking.  Now she was free.  By the time Vahram was about to depart, she was healthy and full of joy.

Vahram would constantly testify to his own healing through the mercy of the Lord and he always prayed for the sick.  Yet he avoided placing undue emphasis on physical healing.  He held the view that although the body might be healed, in the end it must die and be buried.  Conversely, he emphasized the immortality and eternal value of the soul.  So he centered his attention on the personís salvation and reconciliation to God.

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