Thomas Cosmades



Dr. Daniel Morrison Benonia Thom

(1844 Aberdeenshire, Scotland—1915 Sivas, Turkey)

    Report of the death of an American citizen


HARPUT, Turkey, December 15, 1915


Name in full:                Daniel M. B. Thom                   Age: 71

Native or naturalized:  Naturalized U. S. Citizen (Born in Scotland)

Date of death:             December 8, 1915

Place of death:            American Mission, Sivas, Turkey

Cause of death:           Typhus

Disposition of the remains: Buried at Sivas, Turkey

Local law as to disinterring remains:    There is probably no intention of removing his re­mains from Sivas.

Disposition of the effects:   The personal effects that were with him are in the care of the American missionaries at Sivas; the effects that he left at Mardin are in the care of the American missionaries at Mardin.

Person or official responsible for custody of effects:  Not known

Accompanied by relatives or friends as follows:

Name                                       Address                                   Relationship

Charles Clark, M.C. American Mission, Sivas                               None

Also by other American missionaries

Address of relatives (so far as known):

Name                                       Address                                   Relationship

Miss Katharine Thom               1271 Denver Street                Daughter

                                                Pasadena, California

 Notification sent to:

Miss Katharine Thom               by mail on December 15, 1915.
American Board, Boston          by mail on December 15, 1915.


This Information, an inventory of the effects, accounts, etc., have been recorded in full in the Miscellaneous Record Book, page 235, and copies placed under File 330 in the correspondence of this office.

 Remarks: Dr. Thom was for many years a medical missionary of the American Board at Mardin. He was deported from there by the authorities in October of this year and sent to Sivas.                                                                                                SEAL                                                                                                                             s/s Leslie A. Davis

American Consul

HARPUT, [Turkey]













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